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What is it ? and how does it work ?

You may have heard the term Soulbound if you are a gamer or have friends that game. In one of the largest MMORPG franchise’s ever created, The World of Warcraft by Blizzard game studios, introduced this item property defined as

“Soulbound is the property of an item that prevents it from being traded or mailed to another character or sold in the Auction House.”

Soulbound item in World of Warcraft — Credit Blizzard Watch

Created as an effort to curb passing items from higher level characters to lower and to control secondary market sales of high valued items.

In the Web3 space, Soulbound Tokens ( SBTs ) can provide a wide range of functions and utility as described in our last post, and we expect them to have a great impact in gaming specifically, as it has in these traditional games.

Zoombies has recently launched Moonbeam’s first Soulbound VIP NFT, with the purpose of being an on chain immutable recognition for it’s past VIP community. Laying this groundwork will open the doors for future VIPs and additional SBT models to enhance the player experience.

Zoombies SBT VIP Membership

First, a review how this came to be, and how the Zoombies VIP NFT program works.

Some of the Zoombies community of players have come from legacy iterations of the platform from Ethereum and BSC and more recently Moonriver. In each of these launches there have been early adopters trading in platform tokens like ETH and BNB for the CZXP and ZOOM game utility tokens during the Token Generation Events (TGE). These TGE funds have allowed the Zoombies team to continue to add value through development of more engaging platforms, in preparation for a Moonbeam Zoombies launch and a realization of the vision of these NFT collections.

The mission has always been to create a fun, casual, low barrier to entry, inclusive and social gaming experience, with an open edition NFT collection.

Could we bring something with the depth of Magic the Gathering and the casual social nature of Club Penguin?

We continuously aim for a player experience that brings an emotional roller coaster from joy to defeat during co-op play to fulfillment. A place to idle your time with old and new friends, without breaking the bank.

Bonez — Zoombies NFT PvP NFT Trading Card Card (Q4 2023)

The ZVIP NFT is the recognition token that tells other players... yes, I was here early, yes I took some risks to support this team and yes I would like to be recognized as a First-class Zoombies Citizen ( affectionally referred to as Hodlings in the Zoombies Lore).

Zoombies Lore | Where it all began

The ZVIP concept was introduced before the closing of the Moonriver TGE when it was announced that MOVR contributors would be designated Silver VIP or GOLD VIP based on their contribution levels. Which has led us to create the current model: a non-transferable, non-reedemable Soulbound NFT.

There are and will only be 3 Zoombies VIP levels.

Silver VIP
Gold VIP
Diamond VIP

BSC recognition


1 BNB = Gold VIP
less than 1 BNB = Silver VIP

Moonriver recognition


20 MOVR = Gold VIP
less than 20 = Silver VIP

Moonbeam recognition


2000 GLMR = Diamond VIP
600 GLMR = Gold VIP
less than 600 GLMR = Silver VIP

There will be additional ways to earn the ZVIP status NFT in the Zoombies World systems through achievements, giveaways and other loyalty and social mechanics.

Sale of ZVIP NFT

As with real-word VIP programs, a status of VIP is often a symbol for the elite, the wealthy and those that seek a special or privileged experience. Disney has the fast-pass, casino’s have their VIP programs, airlines have Business Class. It is a very common offering made to a small category of people. Instead of a bracelet or fob, Web3 citizens possess an NFT.

Credit: Mickey Chatter

VIP Benefits

Benefit will include Zoombies Land NFT Vouchers, exclusive content in the Zoombies Miniverse (emoticons, avatars, shop items), access to VIP events and areas in the game world, and more. For a full list of the ZVIP benefits, visit the ZVIP status website. Note that the VIP benefits will change over time.

Preview of upcoming Miniverse Emotes pack
Preview Zoombies World MMORPG Miniverse

Value Model

The value model for the Zoombies VIP Soulbound NFT ( ZVIP SBT ) is as follows:

Based on Moonriver ZOOM TGE launch

MOVR ~ $150 USD
MOVR GOLD VIP = 20 * $150 = $3000
MOVR Silver VIP = 8 * 150 = $1200 (8 MOVR being the median contribution)

All Moonriver and grandfathered BSC wallets have been issued their ZVIP SBT NFT on Moonbeam already. You can verify your ZVIP status here.

We have projected a speculative fair value for the ZVIP NFT baselined on these figures and for the upcoming Moonbeam launch (March 2023).

We are invested in making Moonbeam the core hub for our connected contract vision of multi-chain Zoombies NFT card collections unique to each chain.

At the time of writing this article, in the depths of the 2023 Bear market, Moonbeam’s GLMR token, according to Coingecko, is trading at:

March 11, 2023
GLMR-USD pair at 1 GLMR = $0.339308

We have made a conservative speculation that the GLMR token could have a future fair market value of 1 GLMR = $5 as the platform matures and reaches peak adoption. The pricing for the ZVIP NFTs are based on this speculated value.

NOTE: This is NOT financial advice, these figures are opinion and merely used to price the entertainment value of Zoombies game utility products and services. We advise you understand the risks and security of cryptocurrency before making any decisions, and by participating, you indemnify Cardinal Entertainment, Global Token Holdings Inc. and all agents acting on their behalf.

$3000 GOLD ZVIP / $5 GLMR = 600 GLMR
$1200 Silver VIP / $5 GLMR = 240 GLMR

The newly introduced DIAMOND VIP is the Highest Zoombie VIP status for those that seek that Diamond glove experience:

$10,000 DIAMOND VIP / $5 GLMR = 2000 GLMR

You can verify these values on the live ZVIP status website and the verified Moonbeam blockchain contract.

ZVIP upgrade option

If you have already been awarded Zoombies VIP status by ownership of the NFT (verified at the ZVIP site), you will also notice an upgrade option.

Moonbase Alpha Testnet preview of upgrade experience

The upgrade difference from Silver to GOLD or GOLD to DIAMOND is the same as buying outright.

Upgrade Silver VIP to GOLD VIP= 360 GLMR

We hope this is a clear outline to the new Zoombies Soulbound NFT VIP program. You can watch a complete walkthrough of the ZVIP system or try it for yourself, at no cost, by switching your wallet to the Moonbeam Alpha Testnet and using the no value testnet DEV token. ( Quick add moonbase to Metamask here ) and then visit the VIP site.

Walkthrough of the Zoombies VIP website using testnet

We are excited to open public access and reveal what we have been working on for over a year now as we prepare for the next chapter merging Web2 and Web3 for a unique web2.5 experience with your friends with or without digital wallets.

As always Join the Zoombies Discord and share you thoughts with the community and make friends ( you will want many in the miniverse ! ) and follow us on Twitter for annoucements and updates.



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