Zoom Moonbeam Tokenomics Explained

Distribution, Liquidity and Rewards

Zoombies NFT World
5 min readJun 27, 2023

Zoombies Moonbeam launched completely on April 14, 2023. The launch went exceptionally smooth from a technical standpoint, but perhaps could have had a better communications strategy in terms of the tokenomics.

We would like to answer all these questions here and provide a fully transparent walkthrough of the ZOOM ERC20 token distribution.

Multi chain network, the Moonbeam parachain on Polkadot

This distribution is specific to the Moonbeam Network. Moonbeam is the premiere Polkadot parachain network, it is an Ethereum compatible cross chain network with one of the fastest growing ecosystems, not only on Polkadot, but compared with all blockchain networks.

Glimmer (GLMR) is the currency token of the Moonbeam platform and will be the trading pair with the ZOOM token for the upcoming GLMR-ZOOM swap and farm rewards program. Let’s dive into the distribution before we get ahead of ourselves here.

The Zoom Moonbeam distribution was designed with these values in mind:


while also ensuring inflation and deflationary pressures are kept in check.

Proceeding with these important drivers, we have come up with the following distribution model.

Zoom Moonbeam Token Distribution

ZOOM token Airdrop categories

Foundations are organizational partners that may provide benefits like bringing new community members, promoting the project on publication websites etc. There is 2 Billion ZOOM tokens allocated.

Public Sale is open right now and is trading at a rate of 1 GLMR = 100,000 ZOOM tokens. This sale will close when ANY one of these conditions are true:

  • The swap or exchange rate goes less than 100K ZOOM for 1 GLMR
  • The calendar date May 31, 2024 arrives
  • The allocation of 1 Billion tokens are minted

Community Drops are the zoom rewards that are distributed to Moonriver VIPs, past BSC NFT holders and past Moonriver NFT holders. The drops will start 1 month after the Farm opens and will continue for 12 months until complete. Follow Zoombies on Twitter and Join the Discord to be reminded when a drop is incoming. There is 981,200,000 ZOOM tokens in total per drop for a total of 11.7 Billion Community distributed tokens.

Farm Liquidity is the ZOOM that is provided to seed the swap. The swap will start with 25,000 GLMR and 10 Billion ZOOM.

Farm Rewards are the ZOOM tokens that are allocated to incent ZOOM holders to provide more liquidity to the swap to earn rewards, there will be 3 equal reward periods a month apart.
ZOOM Farm Rewards: 2 Billion x 3 months = 6 Billion total

In total, there are 30.78 Billion ZOOM tokens pre-minted for this distribution, currently held in the deployer wallet. The remaining tokens will be burned.

Log on the Zoombies Dapp with Metamask or other EVM wallet, you will notice the live Zoom total supply is always on display.

Zoombies dapp ZOOM total supply

Coming soon will be additional data displays with deeper views on these trends for players that like a deep dive into data and analytics.

Zoom inflation — LIVE now

ZOOM Token Spending

The Zoom token is a game utility token. It is awarded at a rate designed for spending. There is likely a strategy to be played for profiting from this coin from trading, but it’s intention is to inflate over time to be spent back into the system as a deflationary pressure.

Here are a list of the planned way to spend your hard earned ZOOM tokens:

The ZOOM market — An on chain 0% commission NFT marketplace that does not take a % of the sale of NFTs between 2 parties, but does burn a ZOOM listing fee.

The Zoombies World Game Bridge — This is a bridge that will let you transfer ZOOM tokens to and from your Web3 wallet to the Zoombies World PvP betting games.

Zoombies World Games — Bonez Card Game

Zoombies Holdings — The Hodlings are your character representation in the Zoombies World. Dress, upgrade and customize the style of your Hodling to express your digital self and stand out and travel the ( upcoming ) land settlements

Zoombies Hodling Avatar

Follow us on Twitter and join the Zoombies Discord server to connect with others in our fast growing community !

UPDATED Jan 16, 2024

The VIPs monthly airdrop is on schedule. Initiated Nov2023 and will continue monthly until Nov2024.
The past Moonriver holders community drop is now underway and we have learned this is slow and costly, therefore we have decided to not spread this to a 12 months, but instead will drop the remainder of the 11 months in 1 drop, commencing when this first cycle finishes ( Feb 2024 ).

We have also re-allocated 1B tokens from the foundations ( incentives ) which were intended for community partnerships to the token sale, as the partnerships area hasn’t really grown, but the token sale has. Both achieve the goal of distribution, so this makes sense, and will not inflate the total supply.

We are counting down to the burn schedule, which we can finalize upon completing the holders community drop ( approx. march 2024).

Following the burn, we will work with an official swap to open up the Farm liquidity program, completing the ZOOM tokenomic distribution for Zoombies on Moonbeam.

You can verify on chain : https://moonbeam.moonscan.io/token/0xc46c5cb32a72663c0db3205f6b444f9c34e216d1



Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam