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Tokenomic discussion and theory is a favorite pastime for the many that are deep in crypto and the newly initiated as they navigate the increasingly complex volumes of new and exciting projects and daily opportunities.

You say the word Token and what comes to mind ? Money ? Currency ?
Not for us. Tokenizing all information is what we see.

Let’s back up. What exactly is a token ? The first tokens we ever saw were the ERC20 specification Initial Coin Offerings ( ICOs ) that were launched on Ethereum, the first Smart Contract blockchain. What surprised us was the simple elegance of the idea, and the execution.

ERC20 fungible tokens have 2 basic functions; 1) transfer and 2) approve a 3rd party to transfer tokens on your behalf.

These 2 basic functions provide the ability to move balances and create marketplaces for liquidity. Fungibility ensures you can send and receive tokens and they are all equal, much like the dollar, but not like a single dollar bill.

All dollars are created with equal value and are exchangeable or fungible as we say in the crypto space. But a single dollar bill or coin, can have writing on it, tears, dents and other attributes that make it unique. A unique item that can’t be replaced is what we call non-fungible. In crypto, this is the NFT, Non-fungible Token, or ERC721 token.

NFTs can have wildy higher values over standard fungible tokens. In fact the value of an NFT is limitless. The value is in the eye of the buyer. This makes sense when you think about it. If each NFT is unique and can not be replaced, then it can only be owned by 1 wallet at a time. You can’t just go to a market and buy more. Each NFT is exclusive and provably unique.

Zoombies are ERC721 NFTs. Each collectible card is a unique token on the Moonriver blockchain. Moonriver is one of the most promising and exciting developments in the blockchain space. The Moonbeam foundation has worked hard to develop a completely compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine ( EVM ) blockchain that runs on Kusama, taking advantage of the substrate infrastructure.

We have been using the analogy that if Bitcoin is the world bank and Ethereum is the Walmart superstore, then Kusama/Polkadot are the shopping malls. Just like a shopping mall shares infrastructure like water and electricity, each storefront in the mall can rely on the underlying stability and security, so they can do what they do best. This is Moonriver and coming soon, Moonbeam.

Zoom ZooM ZOOM !

ZOOM token


This is the big one. The game changer. We are still grasping the enormous change tokenizing information and assets will have. Predicting new economic systems is a deep and philosophical topic. Our vision for the Cryptoz NFT Cards minting platform is evolving, but there are some core attributes we can share.

The Zoom Economy

At Cardinal Entertainment, we are building an experience company.

In the past 40 years, we have grown up as digital citizens. As children, we experienced the amazement of computer entertainment. As teens, virtual social interactions, and as adults, work and entertainment. Digital entertainment is amazing, AAA console games offer fully immersive 3D worlds, handheld devices grab your precious attention with casual gaming.

But the most successful online entertainment is social. Without the interaction and dynamics of social graphs, playing with robots ( for now ) can get a little boring. When there are people on the other side, there is real risk, real reward and real emotions. An experience. Storytelling, digital culture and oral traditions are created.

The vision behind the ZOOM economy is something like an amusement park, the Disneyworld of NFTs for adults. We are envisioning different themed areas in the park for micro-experiences, but overall its one cohesive system.

What does this look like ? and how does it work ?

The Vision for this model starts with some core pillars and properties.


Engagement, feedback and rewards. Ensuring we value the wants of the community is paramount and pillar #1. Cardinal Entertainment is not just an Entertainment brand, we are building a customer care company, and that means putting the player’s experience first, every time.

Service Centres

The Zoom economy is built as service centres. Each service centre is designed with rules and interfaces to the other centres and any 3rd party that would like to interact with it, using open standards.

For a true economy, there will be costs and earnings. Each service centre will go through a development process from Concept to LIVE as they evolve with community feedback. We are currently working on a corporate website to communicate progress and stages of each project. Here are the initial service centre proposals :

Zoom Token Economy for Zoombies NFT World Moonriver

ZOOM Token Mint— LIVE

The ZOOM mint functions as a service with rules to mint and burn all ZOOM tokens in the economy driven by it’s citizen actions from the Zoombies NFT service.

Zoombies NFT Minting— LIVE

The Zoombies NFT centre contains a Shop to mint limited edition Shop NFTs, Booster NFTs and burn ZOOM tokens through a betting type wager system

Affiliate Manager — Concept

Individuals who are utilizing and capitalizing on the affiliate network will have access to real-time analytics, tools and performance metrics. Achievement recognition in the form of NFT badges and awards.

Zoombies NFT and ZOOM market — In Development

We are building a customized NFT market tailored for the ZOOM economy.

Zoombies Card Collection Manager — Concept

Every good Collectible Card Game has card management. Sort, organize, categorize your NFTs for different purposes including battling, gardening Zoombie plants, selling a deck, and a whole host of reasons, people may desire. Included in this would be set completion for collectors.

NFT combining — Concept

NFT combining may include NFTs from other collections , and NFTs across all the deployed blockchains to realize the omni chain vision.

Zoombies Battle Arena — Concept

This is where things get exciting. We want to introduce a new type of NFT battle gaming never seen before. In the original design for digital Zombie Trading cards, the concept of an infinite mint, lends to large scale battle systems, we like to think of as Horde wars. Ever watch a movie with 1 zombie ? never.. There are hordes and hordes. We want to bring you an entertainment experience of epic NFT proportion :) That Zombie Jim #2643 may actually come in handy one day !

Zoombies Garden — Concept

This is a pet project and we will bring the idea to the community for feedback. In the original Zombie Pets virtual habitat this modern NFT system is based on, we had created a real-time digital garden. Each of those unique Zoombie/Cryptoz plants have animated stage lifecycles. For example a Deadly nightshade when planted may go through 4 growth stages over a real-time clock of 72 hours. A grass patch may only take 10 minutes and go through 5 stages. Or a magnificent Dark Hallows Magnolia Tree may take 30 days to mature going through 11 stages of growth.

Zoombies NFT garden concept

Planting these digital gardens and returning daily to tend and observe and share with friends was a very rewarding experience for people. Additional game dynamics like chance of crop loss, or fertilizer speed ups, harvesting, are all part of the model. This would be an interactive visual art exhibit of your NFT plant collection.

Additional systems


Developing detailed and anonymous customer profiles allows us to service you better. We are building customers in the new economy.

Omni Chain

The Cryptoz NFT Metaverse

Cryptoz Cards are the original Zoombies. The Cryptoz platform started on Ethereum, a new universe was launched on Smart Chain. And the latest iteration on Moonriver. In the near future, a new Moonbeam Polkadot world, additional EVMs are also being considered.

Each collection launched is a separate universe with different rules and a different collection. Could we have 1 metaverse ? We sure can.

We believe in an omni-chain vision. We believe we can bring you that omni-chain reality with the Cryptoz NFT metaverse. This concept is relatively new to us, and in the entire space. There are many theoretical economic models and interaction potential, the end goal will always be the same, hyper-spatial liquidity for our communities.


One final goal is to ensure all the necessary data is available to everyone. Another advantage to the Zoombies Cryptoz systems are that ALL the card attribute data is on chain. This ensures that any party can utilize your NFT data and work with it in their application without permission from Cardinal Entertainment. Not only is this ok, it is safe and encouraged ! Additionally we plan to upload static defination data to IPFS.

We want subsystems or even super-systems built on this foundation, the potential is limitless when more minds work on something. There are no-built in royalties or remaining control from the mint process. A studio could easily build some amazing game or tool and earn profit from its use or build their own community.

If you think you have the next great idea for a service centre and would like support, use the contact information below to reach out; We would love to hear from you :)

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Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam