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6 min readJul 22, 2021

The future is completely open and we are writing it moment to moment.
— Pema Chodron

For what seems like a very short time period, you couldn’t turn on a TV, or open a URL without some buzz about yet another NFT ( non-fungible token ) with a record sale amount. But like all things the massive tidal wave of excitement has slowly but surely pulled back and spun off in many directions as people grasp for clear direction.

What happened ? Why did I NEED to have an NFT all of a sudden ? why was it so difficult to get a wallet ? what’s a wallet ? where are my NFTs ?

For some, there are more questions than answers. But there is one very very clear answer for everyone and things will never be the same.

NFTs are here to stay.

I don’t think there is an argument that NFTs are a fad , or their impact was not felt. Like many past technical disruptions, we have in our hands a new ideology, a new tool, a new way to represent information in a substantial immutable way. This will undoubtedly change the course of how we see and do things from that inception point forward.

The Cryptoz NFT Universe had a really big burst of activity, excitement and ownership since it’s launch in March 2021, and has since settled into a pattern. If you are part of the #cryptozfam, you may have noticed that there has been some activity and contact from us, but there have not been any new Store cards released in some time. So let’s discuss this.

The blockchain and programming Smart Contracts is still very experimental and prone to risk and issues. Our Cryptoz Cards Smart Chain contracts went through security audit review and some extensive testing, but once they hit the real world we started to notice some limititations due to permanent bugs that are encoded into the contracts.

The Card edition limitiation bug.

The first real noticeable bug was the card limitation bug. This bug only affected the Free Shop cards and caused the cards to appear like there was 1 card still available in the limited supply for example 359/360 have been minted, there is 1 still available, the Mint For FREE button doesn’t update to SOLD OUT. Clicking Mint For FREE would result in an error.

Once we dug back into the openly published code, we located a bug in the smart contract that stated on Line 2354:

// ensure there is enough of a supply left
require(totalAvailable[_cardTypeId] > (cardTypeToEdition[_cardTypeId]+1));

actually need to be greater than OR equal

// ensure there is enough of a supply left
require(totalAvailable[_cardTypeId] ≥ (cardTypeToEdition[_cardTypeId]+1));

OOps ! , the thing about smart contracts which IS good, is that this type of issue affects EVERYONE equally, so there is no rugpull or favor to a person or group, it isjust a bug, and in this case the impact is a minor inconvenvenience without loss of funds or NFT tokens.

We wrote a work around to present the information to our players, hide the bug, and keep it working smooth while retaining the fairness and transparency. We also disclosed this information in our lessons learned blog post.

We have recently discovered a very limiting bug In the Binance Smart Chain Cryptoz NFT Universe on line 2214:

function loadNewCardType(
uint8 _cardTypeId,

The uint8 is a data type that will only allow the range: 0 through 255 decimal. The Cryptoz cards types are defined in the smart contract starting with cardTypeId 1. When we attempted to load card 255, the contract will not allow it or any number larger. The plan was to load a possible 5000 card types ( uint16 ), which the rest of the contract would support. but this one entry function of how we load card types, is preventing any new card types from being loaded. How did we not see this ? or test for this?

Well, all the testing we did, was based on 150 cards with continous numbers. Very silly oversight, we know ! Did we learn from this ? YES !

So what does this mean for Cryptoz on the Binance Smart Chain and where do we go ?

The short of it is, we can NOT load any New card types. What is in the store and what is defined in the boosters to be minted are the only types that will ever be available, and edition counts will only go up.

You can look at this as a benefit if you are an early adopter. The Universe has now become very limited and the scarcity of these early minted NFTs belong to an exclusive collection.

We still have the task of determining if there are any Epic booster card types that have NOT been minted yet, which would allow us to announce that all card types have been minted in the universe. We will try to get that information available asap, if possible.

Some people may feel this is the end for Cryptoz on the Smart Chain. No no no :)

These NFTS already minted are not going anywhere, we still have plans to add utility to the over 150,000 Cryptoz NFTs that over 20,000 wallet owners have. This just means the rapid Minting phase of this universe is mostly over. There are still many oppportunities to create additional value on top of these NFTs and we are very much working on this.

But before that happens we have more news.

We had a unique opportunity to create another universe. In this new universe we have fixed the bugs, we have changed some rules, and in paralell will be launching a new Universe on an entirely different blockchain independant from Binance Smart Chain Cryptoz, but the benefits will spill over between the 2.

When we ( or any other NFT developers ) create additional utility, for example a CZXP to NFT market, trading card games, betting apps, then both universes will benefit.

This process is paced and calculated. We ask you, our loyal fans and players to be patient as things progress, but remain assured, that we are still entirely invested in ALL our universes. And there will be more.

We would like to announce the launch of on the Moonriver blockchain built on Kusama.

Follow CryptozNFT on Twitter for updates from Cardinal Entertainment and news of an AirDrop for our BSC #cryptozfam soon !!

A follow up post will explain what we improved in the contracts from The Cryptoz NFT Universe in the to create additional interesting dynamics.



Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam