The Future of The Cryptoz NFT Universe

Zoombies NFT World
2 min readMar 23, 2021

I can’t predict the future.

But there are certainties that are in our vision and control for The Cryptoz Universe of NFTs. We are so excited, proud and humbled.

The Binance Smart Chain NFT Universe has over 100,000 NFTs minted and growing !

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So what’s next

There are a number of functions and features that will help our collective community. Here is a short wish list of features we are working hard to bring you.

  • BEP-721 Cryptoz NFT standards for Auction market integration
  • BEP-20 CZXP Token listing on CoinGecko and exchanges
  • Social sharing of Your NFT Crypt with friends
  • Rarity distribution statistics dashboard
  • Affiliate rewards dashboard
  • Increased integration with mobile wallets
  • UI enhancements
  • Multi language support
  • and so much more, Follow us on Twitter for regular updates and Prize giveaways !

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Thank you everyone, we are really having a lot of fun and want to bring you the best experience and one you can share with friends



Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam