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Zoombies NFT World
4 min readApr 16, 2021

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

Where is the Whitepaper ? Roadmap ?

Where are we going ?

We have reached a stage where people are asking not just in Cryptoz but across the NFT sector, where are we headed here ? There are so many NFTs what is the value? what is the purpose ?

To answer these questions, we don’t have a Whitepaper, or a Litepaper. We do have a concise Litemap. A very straightforward, but still changing view of the future of The Cryptoz NFT Universe on the Binance Smart Chain

The Vision

Let’s line up the layers of value that we intend to build with our community over time.


The decision making for the future of the universe should really be in the hands of the stakeholders. We believe governance in decision making should be distributed through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and would really like to have this transition to the community before the end of 2021

The CryptoZ eXPerience BEP-20 token

The $CZXP token is a fungible utility token that Cryptoz players can:

  • Earn from affiliates — every time a linked affiliate earns CZXP, you are rewarded with a 20% commission, automatically. You may have an infinite number of affiliates linked under you.
  • Earn when minting Shop Cards — Check the back of the card to see the Earn CZXP ( aka Buy CZXP) amount you will be rewared from minting Free and Paid Shop cards.
  • Purchase Booster credits / Buy And Open Booster Card — will both earn CZXP per action
  • Sacrifice NFT — also know as burning a token, this action can be carried out any time by the owner of the NFT, and will earn the CZXP value listed on the back of the card

What is the value of CZXP ?

CZXP is required to unlock the minting button in the Shop. Eventually CZXP will be used to burn as a wager for better odds for minting Rare and Epic cards from the Booster packs. The token can currently be bought and sold through the Smart Chain compatible markets. We are working on providing information like the CZXP inflation rate and ways to see liquidity Vs. wallet locked CZXP.

Service Factories

The Cryptoz NFT contract is the Minting Factory that controls the birth and destruction of NFTs in the Universe. The conract includes a finite set of laws encoding the rules and rate of the mint, and cannot be changed.

Additional services are possible, here are some examples :

  • Mass Sacrifice factory — Convert groups of low level NFTs to CZXP with low gas fees and additional incentives
  • CZXP to NFT Market — Provide a service that allow players to trade NFTs for CZXP tokens
  • CZXP Sponsor factory — Through some innovation its possible to create a super affiliate factory that will earn and pay out CZXP to the factory members

Social Gaming Factories

The ultimate utility of owning a collection of NFT Trading Cards or any Collectible Trading Cards is social gaming, sharing and play :)
This is where the real fun is and we are very excited to go down this part of the road.

Keep in mind, Anyone can make a game or utility on top of the Cryptoz NFT Universe, you don’t need to wait for us.
Make something cool, make something original, make something that engages and adds enjoyment for us the community and they will reward you

We would love to make the following with the support of our rapidly growing community:

  • Collectors Guild — Compare and complete Collections of issued Card Types
  • Zombie Horde Wars — Stack an entire collection of cards against other players with infection and sacrifice mechanics
  • Crytoz Card Battle — Curate a custom deck of cards to pit against other players for fun, stakes(any token), or NFT transfer
  • 2D Virtualized NFT Aquarium — The inspiration for the Cryptoz Universe originated from the Zombie Pets Virtual Habitat. We would love to bring back an upgraded V2.0 living habitat of your wallet owned NFT Zombie babies in a fully animated interactive living environment.

These are just some of the Litemap ideas that could be brought to life. A Cryptoz DAO would provide funding, and prioritization for initiatives driven by community decision.

We are really looking for a fun engaging Universe of community and deep affordable fun social interaction.

We are here to stay beyond the NFT bubble and hope you will join us :)



Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam