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4 min readFeb 23, 2022


The Zoombies NFTs could be the most data rich NFT collection out there !

Zoombies Moonriver (ZMR) was launched September 1, 2021. It was met with excellent adoption and community excitement, being one of the first NFT projects to drop on the Moonriver EVM blockchain on Kusama.

ZMR carried out a ZOOM token liquidity sale event as promised, which probably stayed open a bit too long ( Sept1-Nov1 lesson learned :). It was successful in reaching the target goal of opening a deep swap on the first reputable Moonriver AMM SushiSwap.

In late November we announced the complete vision of the Zoombies.World. A full cycle crypto play2earn game economy comprised of an interdependent group of service centers making up a ZOOM token economy.

The Zoombies NFT Mint — Shop and Booster cards, sacrifice cards for ZOOM tokens
The Zoombies Garden — Stake Zoombie NFTs on land and earn resources
The Zoombies Battle Arena — Battle your NFTs for fun or profit against other players
The Zoombies NFT Collection Manager — Manage your horde of Zoombie NFTs

The Vision for Zoombies was always of an infinite universe of collectible NFTs to be earned, traded, lost and wagered.

This ain’t your copycat 10,000 NFT Collection :)

Zoombies have a deep distribution of rarity and scarcity across multiple dimensions. The original thought process in the development of Zoombies involved reverse engineering Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties, creating an entirely unique model for NFT minting, intertwined with ERC20 mechanics. An ambitious project for it’s time, an experiment, a passion and now a playable world.

A Critical aspect to large collections of any kind is the data scope and management. A catalog or tools to browse, drill down, isolate information for decision making. Zoombies is data rich already, but information poor.

Zoombies project value is in the community NFT ownership and its depth of information. This unfortunately is not clearly exposed today.

We are changing that!

In a focused effort to provide NFT owner insights, we have laid out the roadmap to building a ZMR SubGraph by aligning a strategic partnership with SubQuery Projects, the leading indexing solution in Polkadot.

The SubQuery Network provides a powerful set of tools to let us process and query Zoombies chaindata data faster.

Zoombies is a proud grant recipient of the the generous SubQuery Grants Program announced in December 2021 !

Read all about the SubQuery first grant recipients on their announcement post

SubGraph — Moonriver ZOOM ERC20 tokens mint and burns

This new SubGraph will expose the history of time and events in the Zoombies World in a meaningful way. We are excited to present these proposed insights and the new ways this will help owners make future decisions.

Zoombies SubGraph data proposals

ZOOM token inflation tracker

Tokenomics is key to any economy. Exposing the historical and current ZOOM token mint and burn rate, will help players determine supply and demand for the token as world events transpire.

ZOOM token inflation/deflation tracker

Zoombies NFT Scarcity Rating

By far the most needed feature for the Zoombies NFT collection is a way to rank the rarity and scarcity of your NFT among the over 200,000+ NFTs minted to date.

Zoombie NFT Scarcity Rating Index

Zoombies NFT Catalog

Engaging our community the following questions have been posed.

  • Has a particular NFT ever been minted ?
  • What NFTs am I missing in set ?
  • Are there types and NFTs that have been burned forever ?

The Zoombies SubGraph will provide the answers to these questions and many more.

Live State of the Zoombie Types compared with your collection

Zoombies Live Dashboard

The entry page to the dapp will contain a live pulse of the latest changes in the world and critical stats as the world evolves.

Last 24 hours World stats

We are excited to get this project underway as we finish up the roll out of the new ZOOM Market Auction house.

To learn more about Zoombies NFTs , the ZOOM ERC20 token and the community, join the Cardinal Entertainment Discord Server.

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Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam